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Squires Player Profiles from Las Vegas  
Jaron Farrell Jaron is very aggressive off of the dribble. He’s a quick ball handler who can get into the lane, although he is inconsistent finishing at times. He was quiet with his jumper and had a late turnover too. Chris Richardson
Chris is a big bodied post player. He plays with his back to the basket and has good hands and touch. He also moves pretty well for his size and not surprisingly rebounds fairly well.
Squires Player Evaluation at Southern Invitational  
Lenny Daniels look on Lenny Daniels (2008, 6-8 SF/PF)
This long, thin forward was one of the more impressive players of the weekend. He is a terrific transition player who uses his speed, length and leaping ability to score with ease. The face up forward is very active on the offensive end. When he is not blowing by defenders off the dribble, Lenny can be found battling inside for offensive rebounds. Because he always in constant motion, he has a knack for finding the ball. That also leads him to frequent trips to the free throw line. Lenny had one of the more explosive plays of the weekend with a drive and vicious throw down. He also showed he can play some with his back to the basket as he used a spin move to score in the post. Lenny is a fantastic player and no doubt a high major prospect.

James Tyler (2008, 7-2 C)
James is a massive player. He’s tough to keep off the boards or away from the basket. His size combined with solid hands and good touch around the basket makes him quite the prospect. James is somewhat slow and dominates more with power than speed. His conditioning could certainly use improvement and will likely go a long way towards determining how good he becomes.

James Mills (2008, 5-11 PG)
James is a quick, penetrating guard. He’s more of a scoring point that a distributor. He showed he’s capable of hitting the three point shot as well as a slashing to the hoop.

Karron Johnson (2009, 6-8 SF)
Karron Johnson in actionKarron is a well built and very long forward. He plays on the wing a lot. He has the ability to knock down the three point shot. Karron also can beat his man off the dribble and finish in the lane. He’s a tough match-up because of his size and skill level.

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